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Coming Soon: City Rush from Avon

Avon City Rush for her
"The chic new fragrance for women.."
launched: 1 Nov 2012 (kempen 21)

Milla Jovovich, SuperScwhing, is the beautiful star behind this seasons fragrance from Avon, City Rush. It promises to be powerful, confident and stylish like the lady herself and is winging its way to a catalogue near you next month. 

With top notes of bergamot, plum and ivy green, floral middle notes of  black dahlia, rose and vanilla and it's base notes using creamy woods, musk and patchouli flower, City Rush will appeal to a wide range of women but also to different age groups.

It's a soft floral, creamy scent rounded out by its musk notes and stops short of being sweet. The more I wear it, the more it reminds me of Gucci Envy, which is a very good thing.

Introducing City Rush for Her, an exclusive new fragrance from Avon starring Internationally renowned supermodel, Milla Jovovich.  A sophisticated fragrance created with luxurious bergamot, City Rush is for all women who aspire to be on the cutting edge of fashion and style. This scent is next season’s must-have!
With a successful fashion line in tow, Milla Jovovich’s ties with the design industry epitomise the strong stylish woman that is synonymous with the City Rush fragrance.  The modern, yet sensual fragrance creates a mysterious and rich aroma, embodying a sense of empowerment and sophistication.
Top Notes: This alluring scent opens with fresh notes of sparkling bergamot entwined with saturated plums draped with touches of crisp ivy greens.
Middle Notes: A more sensual core reveals a seductive floral arrangement of black dahlia, rose, and vanilla orchids creating a mysterious and rich aroma.
Base Notes: Velvety hints of creamy woods and earthy patchouli flower mingle with silky musk notes to create a lasting base for this fragrance.

CITY RUSH Eau de parfum 50ml


 **FREE CITY RUSH BAG (Bernilai RM49.90)
  size: 37(L) x 11(W) x 31.5(H) cm
color: black
material: Croco PVC

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